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The Simple Solution Book

E-book version

We have just released the e-book version of “The Simple Solution to Canadian Real Estate Investing – Rules for Playing the Real Estate Game to Win.” you can buy a copy from Smashwords or iTunes if you’d like for $12.99 USD.

Paper version

Sale $19.95 limited time offer

The book is regularly priced at $24.95 Canadian, but is now available from Blurb for $19.95 USD plus shipping. Click on the Blurb link below…

Rules for Playing …
By William A. Radvanyi

This book outlines everything you will need to know, based on my own experiences, in order to select a property, finance it legally without any money, and have it generate a positive cashflow so that it not only increases your net worth, but also puts money in your pocket every month.

I’m going to be honest here, this book does not contain any get rich quick schemes. It does not promise any hidden secrets, or new techniques. I’ve read many of those types of books over the years. This book will save you that trouble of having to search through the rhetoric to find the little bit of useful information. This book is about what I’ve learned from not only reading a lot of books, but also practical experience. This book is aimed at beginners, with the goal of keeping you out of trouble but even the “experts” may learn something new. I know I learn something new quite often from reading books or just life in general.

I did not write this book to get rich, I don’t spend my waking hours promoting it, I’ve got better things to do with my time. I wrote it so I could stop saying the same thing over and over again to different friends who were interested in getting into real estate. I made money using the techniques in this book, so I don’t need to make it off the book.

If you don’t want to buy the book, that’s fine. I’m sure you could find this information other places, I never claim to have invented the wheel, however there is a lot of good and proven information contained in this book, and you’ve already found this site and book if you’ve been looking, so it may save you some time, and time is valuable.

Here’s what covered in it:

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Why invest in real estate?
Chapter 2 – There’s no time like the present.
Chapter 3 – Ways to invest in real estate.
Chapter 4 – Know what you want and what your getting into
Chapter 5 – Where’s the credit?
Chapter 6 – Where’s the deal?
Chapter 7 – Evaluating the deal
Chapter 8 – Closing the deal
Chapter 9 – Sweetening the deal
Chapter 10 – Renting 101
Chapter 11 – What the future holds
Chapter 12 – The rules, in summary

After Word
Appendix A – Sample Rental Application
Appendix B – Sample Lease Agreement
Appendix C – Sample Notice of Eviction
Appendix D – Sample Tenant Letter
Appendix E – Crime Free Lease Addendum
Appendix F – More Information
Appendix G – Investment Home Evaluation/Inspection Checklist

Here’s a free preview of Chapter 4 (click on the page to enlarge):

The Simple Solution
Here’s what some people are saying about the book…

The Simple Solutions for Canadian Real Estate Investing: Rules for Playing the Real Estate Game to Win“Easy to read.” “Practical.” “Humorous.” These are hardly descriptors that one might use to describe a book on real estate investing in Canada. But they certainly apply to “The Simple Solutions for Canadian Read Estate Investing,” a new book written by William Radvanyi.

In penning this book, William Radvanyi drew from his own practical experience. William is not a realtor nor is he a banker – something he states right up front. He is simply a smart man who embarked on the mission to replace his income by investing in real estate. The impetus for this life change occurred after an accident left him injured and in need of generating an income to support his family during his recuperative period. He did his homework and has been very successful. And, we all benefit from this homework as he chronicles the steps (and warns about the missteps) of real estate investing in Canada.  Included are hints for assessing the value of properties, arranging financing, dealing with banks, leveraging investments, and staying sane in the process.

The book does not fall into the trap that many “how to” books do in being too technical or detailed. As a result, readers have no problem sorting out the most important details. I had a chance to read a draft of the book and finished it with a sense that I, too, could replicate William’s success. It is a book I would highly recommend for anyone – people purchasing a house for the first time through to those who are considering ownership of multiple properties.

Kathryn Burke, MA, Owner – Burke & Associates Consulting, and Founder, LDExperience.

William Radvanyi’s new book ” The Simple Solution to Canadian Real Estate Investing- Rules for Playing the Real Estate Game to Win” is an interesting read. Surprisingly it does not promise overnight success or instant wealth but it does offer a realistic and objective view to real estate investing. Mix in deceivingly simple concepts, examples easy to follow and understand with a common sense approach to investing  and you have an interesting and informative guide to investing in today’s volitile real estate market . From a proven formula for selecting a property to innovative ways for financing this system, when followed, will help even the most novice investor feel confident  in their decision making process. I recommend this book as a sound and informative resource (see all the forms and information links at the back of the book) for all levels of investors. I know it would have made many of my earlier real estate investments easier to acquire and much more profitable!

John Belanger

Want to be a landlord? If you ever contemplated real estate as an investment opportunity and were unsure of how to start, this book is a must read. It is very easy reading and very informative. This book will take you right from the beginning of the game to the finish line. NO money down, Wow!

Randy Brezinski

This is great. Eventually a book written based on local experiences right here in Edmonton Alberta Canada. Edmonton Home builders are thankful to William for putting all the facts on paper. is a Edmonton Home Builder that specialises in investment properties building multifamily homes, duplexes, 3Plexes & 4Plexes. This is a book that we feel anyone considering building a real estate investment portfolio here in Edmonton should read this book as a great starting point.

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