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The Simple Solution Book

E-book ver­sion

We have just released the e-book ver­sion of “The Sim­ple Solu­tion to Cana­dian Real Estate Invest­ing — Rules for Play­ing the Real Estate Game to Win.” you can buy a copy from Smash­words or iTunes if you’d like for $12.99 USD.

Paper ver­sion

Sale $19.95 limited time offer

The book is reg­u­larly priced at $24.95 Cana­dian, but is now avail­able from Blurb for $19.95 USD plus ship­ping. Click on the Blurb link below…

Rules for Playing …
By William A. Radvanyi

This book out­lines every­thing you will need to know, based on my own expe­ri­ences, in order to select a prop­erty, finance it legally with­out any money, and have it gen­er­ate a pos­i­tive cash­flow so that it not only increases your net worth, but also puts money in your pocket every month.

I’m going to be hon­est here, this book does not con­tain any get rich quick schemes. It does not promise any hid­den secrets, or new tech­niques. I’ve read many of those types of books over the years. This book will save you that trou­ble of hav­ing to search through the rhetoric to find the lit­tle bit of use­ful infor­ma­tion. This book is about what I’ve learned from not only read­ing a lot of books, but also prac­ti­cal expe­ri­ence. This book is aimed at begin­ners, with the goal of keep­ing you out of trou­ble but even the “experts” may learn some­thing new. I know I learn some­thing new quite often from read­ing books or just life in general.

I did not write this book to get rich, I don’t spend my wak­ing hours pro­mot­ing it, I’ve got bet­ter things to do with my time. I wrote it so I could stop say­ing the same thing over and over again to dif­fer­ent friends who were inter­ested in get­ting into real estate. I made money using the tech­niques in this book, so I don’t need to make it off the book.

If you don’t want to buy the book, that’s fine. I’m sure you could find this infor­ma­tion other places, I never claim to have invented the wheel, how­ever there is a lot of good and proven infor­ma­tion con­tained in this book, and you’ve already found this site and book if you’ve been look­ing, so it may save you some time, and time is valuable.

Here’s what cov­ered in it:

Table of Contents

Chap­ter 1 – Why invest in real estate?
Chap­ter 2 – There’s no time like the present.
Chap­ter 3 – Ways to invest in real estate.
Chap­ter 4 – Know what you want and what your get­ting into
Chap­ter 5 – Where’s the credit?
Chap­ter 6 – Where’s the deal?
Chap­ter 7 – Eval­u­at­ing the deal
Chap­ter 8 – Clos­ing the deal
Chap­ter 9 – Sweet­en­ing the deal
Chap­ter 10 – Rent­ing 101
Chap­ter 11 – What the future holds
Chap­ter 12 – The rules, in summary

After Word
Appen­dix A – Sam­ple Rental Appli­ca­tion
Appen­dix B – Sam­ple Lease Agree­ment
Appen­dix C – Sam­ple Notice of Evic­tion
Appen­dix D – Sam­ple Ten­ant Let­ter
Appen­dix E – Crime Free Lease Adden­dum
Appen­dix F – More Infor­ma­tion
Appen­dix G – Invest­ment Home Evaluation/Inspection Checklist

Here’s a free pre­view of Chap­ter 4 (click on the page to enlarge):

The Simple Solution
Here’s what some peo­ple are say­ing about the book…

The Sim­ple Solu­tions for Cana­dian Real Estate Invest­ing: Rules for Play­ing the Real Estate Game to Win“Easy to read.” “Prac­ti­cal.” “Humor­ous.” These are hardly descrip­tors that one might use to describe a book on real estate invest­ing in Canada. But they cer­tainly apply to “The Sim­ple Solu­tions for Cana­dian Read Estate Invest­ing,” a new book writ­ten by William Radvanyi.

In pen­ning this book, William Rad­vanyi drew from his own prac­ti­cal expe­ri­ence. William is not a real­tor nor is he a banker – some­thing he states right up front. He is sim­ply a smart man who embarked on the mis­sion to replace his income by invest­ing in real estate. The impe­tus for this life change occurred after an acci­dent left him injured and in need of gen­er­at­ing an income to sup­port his fam­ily dur­ing his recu­per­a­tive period. He did his home­work and has been very suc­cess­ful. And, we all ben­e­fit from this home­work as he chron­i­cles the steps (and warns about the mis­steps) of real estate invest­ing in Canada.  Included are hints for assess­ing the value of prop­er­ties, arrang­ing financ­ing, deal­ing with banks, lever­ag­ing invest­ments, and stay­ing sane in the process.

The book does not fall into the trap that many “how to” books do in being too tech­ni­cal or detailed. As a result, read­ers have no prob­lem sort­ing out the most impor­tant details. I had a chance to read a draft of the book and fin­ished it with a sense that I, too, could repli­cate William’s suc­cess. It is a book I would highly rec­om­mend for any­one – peo­ple pur­chas­ing a house for the first time through to those who are con­sid­er­ing own­er­ship of mul­ti­ple properties.

Kathryn Burke, MA, Owner – Burke & Asso­ciates Con­sult­ing, and Founder, LDExperience.

William Radvanyi’s new book ” The Sim­ple Solu­tion to Cana­dian Real Estate Invest­ing– Rules for Play­ing the Real Estate Game to Win” is an inter­est­ing read. Sur­pris­ingly it does not promise overnight suc­cess or instant wealth but it does offer a real­is­tic and objec­tive view to real estate invest­ing. Mix in deceiv­ingly sim­ple con­cepts, exam­ples easy to fol­low and under­stand with a com­mon sense approach to invest­ing  and you have an inter­est­ing and infor­ma­tive guide to invest­ing in today’s voli­tile real estate mar­ket . From a proven for­mula for select­ing a prop­erty to inno­v­a­tive ways for financ­ing this sys­tem, when fol­lowed, will help even the most novice investor feel con­fi­dent  in their deci­sion mak­ing process. I rec­om­mend this book as a sound and infor­ma­tive resource (see all the forms and infor­ma­tion links at the back of the book) for all lev­els of investors. I know it would have made many of my ear­lier real estate invest­ments eas­ier to acquire and much more profitable!

John Belanger

Want to be a land­lord? If you ever con­tem­plated real estate as an invest­ment oppor­tu­nity and were unsure of how to start, this book is a must read. It is very easy read­ing and very infor­ma­tive. This book will take you right from the begin­ning of the game to the fin­ish line. NO money down, Wow!

Randy Brezin­ski

This is great. Even­tu­ally a book writ­ten based on local expe­ri­ences right here in Edmon­ton Alberta Canada. Edmon­ton Home builders are thank­ful to William for putting all the facts on paper. is a Edmon­ton Home Builder that spe­cialises in invest­ment prop­er­ties build­ing mul­ti­fam­ily homes, duplexes, 3Plexes & 4Plexes. This is a book that we feel any­one con­sid­er­ing build­ing a real estate invest­ment port­fo­lio here in Edmon­ton should read this book as a great start­ing point.

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