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About me

Grow­ing up, my mother was the type of per­son who would cross the street to buy a bot­tle of Coke at twice the price because, being more expen­sive, it was obvi­ously better.

My mother had very lit­tle finan­cial lit­er­acy, and so I was well pre­pared to take on the world and make my for­tune. Grow up, go to school, get a good job and retire…things will all work out in the end. Unfor­tu­nately, the world had changed, or per­haps it was never like this in the first place but, while I was in school, you were likely to never get a job. Edu­ca­tion, I found, was anti­quated. I tried to study the lead­ing edge in tech­nol­ogy, only to real­ize that the edu­ca­tion sys­tem lagged behind. Look­ing back, it makes sense. First some­one has to learn the tech­nol­ogy them­selves, then they have to develop a course, and by the time they are ready to teach it, it’s years out of date.

I was going nowhere in school, and the reces­sion was killing jobs, with few prospects on the hori­zon. I was forced to work for myself and try to sur­vive. For­tu­nately, I did fairly well. I was able to save up enough money to buy a mort­gage and pay it off. I man­aged to live debt-free for a while, some­thing I’d later regret, and live within my means.

Around this time, I was in the first of sev­eral car acci­dents, none of which were my fault, in fact I was only mov­ing in one of them, and it became harder and harder to work.

By the time of the third, and most severe acci­dent, I was mar­ried with a new mort­gage, a cou­ple of kids and a sin­gle condo which I bought to ease the sale of my old house (and because I couldn’t see any way that it could be a bad invest­ment, even though friends and fam­ily warned me off of it). This began the low­est point in my life. I barely worked for two years, my income became non-existant, my 6 months of sav­ings had to last 2+ years sup­port­ing sev­eral kids…

For­tu­nately for me, I had a fairly good base to start with, and I had already jumped into invest­ing when I sold my first house, by buy­ing my first condo. I real­ized that there was some­thing to all this. I had read some books (Chilton, Kiyosaki, and many oth­ers), and now I had the inspi­ra­tion (okay I had no choice) to try and apply it.

What I did over the next few years, and con­tinue to do today, isn’t rocket sci­ence, it’s applied com­mon sense. The prob­lem in soci­ety I’ve found is that applied com­mon sense isn’t all that com­mon. We’d rather take the easy path and trust in oth­ers. When it comes to money though, com­mon sense tells us we’d be stu­pid to trust oth­ers in most cases…(see what I mean about it not being common?).

My com­pany has allowed me to work with every size of busi­ness and gov­ern­ment (includ­ing the United Nations), I’ve worked in low end jobs, I asso­ciate with all kinds of peo­ple from heads of com­pa­nies to peo­ple down on their luck. I’ve done a lot of vol­un­teer work, and been on many boards, most dys­func­tional. I’ve had a lot of expe­ri­ence, trav­eled in Europe, China and the USA, so I’ve seen and learned a lot. I tend to spend more time learn­ing in a day now than I did when I was in school.

When I do design work, the most impor­tant ques­tion I need to answer is “Why?”. If you don’t know why some­thing is being done, then you don’t under­stand it. Why is very impor­tant in invest­ing. Why is this stock, bond, invest­ment, piece of real estate being rec­om­mended to me? Does the seller really under­stand it, or does he make his money from sell­ing it? Many banks, mutual funds, real­tors, etc. are not in busi­ness to make you money, they are in busi­ness to make money from you. Therein lies the difference.

Why do I do this?

Good ques­tion. I don’t like the sys­tem. I want peo­ple to learn what I did. My goal as a par­ent is for my kids to grow up and have the option not to ever work a day in their lives for a pay check. I don’t make money if you read this site, so I think my advice is pretty unbi­ased. I don’t mind shar­ing what I’ve learned, because I think the world would be bet­ter if more peo­ple knew what I’ve learned. Though, if you like what I say, and want to donate money or buy my book I won’t object.

Will the book/site make me rich?

One per­son who bought my book once asked me straight out, “Will this book make me rich?”. Well, the answer, again com­mon sense, was: “Nope, it’s guar­an­teed to make you $25 poorer…unless you apply what I say in the book, you’re out at least the price of the book.” I think it’s fair to say, the same applies to the site, except access to the site is cur­rently free.


Now, as a legal dis­claimer, I’m not a Real­tor, nor a pro­fes­sional of any kind related to real estate, tax­a­tion (though I sur­vived an audit), legal mat­ters, eco­nom­ics, or finan­cial mat­ters.  I’m just an aver­age guy who took the plunge. Any­thing you read here is my opin­ion, not nec­es­sar­ily fact. If I made mis­takes, either typo­graph­i­cal or in the con­tent itself, I apol­o­gize in advance. They are not inten­tional, but I’m human and not an expert. I don’t guar­an­tee any­thing you read in the book or blog will make you money, only that, in my expe­ri­ence, it worked for me.

Through­out this blog I’ll make use of many exam­ples that will be heav­ily sim­pli­fied (i.e. lots of num­bers or con­sid­er­a­tions will be inten­tion­ally left out, or be lower than in the real world). The exam­ples are designed to illus­trate a point in the sim­plest man­ner pos­si­ble and shouldn’t be taken as real num­bers in a real world sit­u­a­tion, nor as an indi­ca­tion of poten­tial prof­its you may achieve.

This blog is intended as a gen­eral guide, and not the “ulti­mate source” for real estate invest­ing. Before ini­ti­at­ing any strate­gies out­lined in this blog seek­ing fur­ther infor­ma­tion from qual­i­fied experts is strongly rec­om­mended before tak­ing any action.

The Author  and the pub­lisher shall have nei­ther lia­bil­ity, nor respon­si­bil­ity to any per­son or legal entity with respect to any sort of loss or dam­age caused, or alleged to have been caused by infor­ma­tion pro­vided in this book or blog. By read­ing this blog, you fully accept these con­di­tions. If, for any rea­son, you do not wish to be bound by any or all of these con­di­tions, stop read­ing now and never read any fur­ther, nor have any­one tell you what hap­pens next.

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